Intralearn Software Corporation


To create fully integrated, highly scalable, and easily configurable knowledge management applications that are affordable for enterprises of all sizes.


The Company

Founded in 1994 and located in Northboro, Massachusetts, Intralearn Software Corporation (ISC) is a provider of knowledge management solutions to corporate enterprises, academic institutions, associations and government agencies. The company shipped its first Knowledge Management / Learning Management System in 1997. Our newest ground-breaking offering, NanoNotion, is a first of its kind Informal Knowledge System (IKS) and joins our existing LMS LearningServer. As a pioneer in knowledge management, ISC technology focuses on rapidly creating, delivering and measuring knowledge. ISC is a privately-held, self-funded, “C” corporation. ISC software can be purchased through authorized resellers, OEMs, Software as a Service Providers, and as a Microsoft Azure offering.


Jerry Goguen, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry founded iIntralearn Software as OnTour Multimedia in 1994, and in 1997 renamed the company Intralearn Software. IntraLearn was introduced in 1997 as the companies first product. IntraLearn was the first online Learning Management System (LMS) with integrated content management, assessment, and social capabilities. Jerry renamed the company Intralearn Software and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Soon after, the company began development of the first Microsoft.NET and SQL Server-based LMS, called LearningServer. Intralearn Software was one of the first Microsoft Gold ISV Partners, beginning in 2000.

Under Jerry’s leadership, Intralearn Software continued its alliance with Microsoft with first LMS to use Microsoft SharePoint 2003 as a document management system. Jerry introduced further innovations in LearningServer by integrating with core Microsoft technologies, including operating systems, databases, Office365, and Azure. Jerry continues to manage the company focus, direction, and the vision of the company, including but not limited to technology. As a serial pioneer in knowledge management, Jerry has recently conceived and launched a new concept of “Informal Knowledge Systems,” creating the first of its kind “Born on Azure” Software as a Service named NanoNotion.

Before starting Intralearn Software, Jerry held multiple “intrepreneurial” positions at Wang and Data General. From 1991 to 1994, Jerry was instrumental in helping turn Wang into a software and services organization. From 1975 to 1991, Jerry was employed at Data General, with his last position held as Group Manager for Data General’s Open Systems-based Office Automation offerings. While at DG, Jerry launched a predecessor to the Web named Intellibook. Intellibook incorporated a 3rd party product modified to use Unix servers over the Internet to deliver hypermedia materials to PCs. Jerry was a founding member of the marketing team that was responsible for transitioning Data General’s proprietary office offerings to Open Systems and helped to create a $20 million business in less than 2 years. He holds an M.B.A. from Nichols College and a B.S. degree in Computer Technology from Central New England College.

Jerry’s background also includes decades of charitable work, such as assisting as a corporate member in the start-up of a non-profit that serves in the educational sector of NGOs. Jerry is currently involved in a number of local and global social justice initiatives.

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