In-Kind Software as a Service Donation

Our primary focus for in-kind giving is for improving the quality of life for Massachusetts residents with disabilities. Intralearn is a Massachusetts corporation that creates idea and knowledge sharing software technologies. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus is for non-profit organizations that can leverage using idea and knowledge sharing.We will consider a non-cash, in-kind annual Software as a Service donation of offerings for your organization. This can be at either a partial or full level, depending on our detailed evaluation. We do not have specific in-kind donation or grant forms to fill out, but prefer instead an initial conversation leading to a meeting to determine eligibility.

In addition to the above-named requirements, we seek to aid organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Is a non-profit with more than 50 but fewer than 1000 full-time staff of employees, contractors and/or volunteers that run the organization
  • Must also have an equal or better number of periodic volunteers who help drive the mission
  • Uses non-controversial methodologies for public outreach
  • Agrees to a yearly review to determine the continued use and value to the organization of the in-kind gift

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